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Early Buzz: Community, Mark Hamill, Gwar and more

18Aug, 2014 05:08 am PDT Visited : 11748 times | 0 Visits Today

Donald Glover and Danny Pudi on 'Community.'(Photo: Justin Lubin, NBC)


Good morning! I hope you made the most of the weekend; I watched a few movies and started a great graphic memoir from our longtime pal MariNaomi. I hope these headlines help melt away your Monday worries:

- We have a profile of George Takei.

- I remember many years ago when we tried to determine the best American rock band on Pop Candy. Here, Grantland names some contenders.

- Joe Strummer's Thunderbird is on eBay.

- Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence appeared in this horrible-looking MTV pilot.

- Yep, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a feminist.

- Here's a roundup of popular soundtracks that never hit No. 1.

- Gwar's Oderus Urungus (portrayed by the late Dave Brockie) was given a Viking funeral in Richmond, Va.

- This video shows a Rubik's Cube being solved around the world.

- This pizzeria offered some great Robin Williams specials.

- And finally, for Morrissey fans: It's Mozopoly.

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