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VISITOR Browse the Site

TYPE OF USER People of all ages, nationalities, religions, economic status and profession.

FREE It is 100% free to visit and use.

NO REGISTRATION Browse and share News feeds from the most trusted sources from around the world in every category. Enjoy user Soapboxes shared throughout social media.

REGISTRATION Begin to unleash the power of your content in social media and search engines with social media management tools.

Connect and build a stronger more targeted network that bridges Facebook, LinkedIn, other social media networks and contact sources (ie. Gmail, CRMs, etc).

AUTHOR Power of the Soapbox [tm]

TYPE OF USER Individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, social media professionals, social influencers, power bloggers, authors, journalists, content writers, organizations.

FREE It is 100% free to Author Soapboxes.

INTERFACE We make the best content creator with the easiest user interface. It's easier than Wordpress more powerful than a blog.

GET PAID You set the price in your Dashboard. You can opt out of Sponsorships, or link your own Soapboxes. Receive instant emails saying "click here to redeem".

GROUPS A totally new way to manage the content distributed to your contacts. Save time and money while targeting only the contacts you choose to receive Soapbox updates.

SPONSOR A New Way to Advertise

BULLS EYE TARGETING Sponsor Groups and/or trending Soapboxes by cateogory.

COST Prices are set by individual authors. Most Soapboxes are 100% free to sponsor. You can contact an negotiate with any author. Pay per duration, click or impression.

SO EASY The simpliest, fastest way to promote. Simply select one of your Soapboxes from the drop-down menu and our system does the rest.

AUTO FORMAT Our system creates it for you.

NO CONTENT SIZE LIMIT Link your Sponsorship to a Soapbox with nearly unlimited content, including formatable text, images, videos, links and even attachments.

Social DashboardMaximizes Your Digital Footprint

If you aren't liked, followed, pinned, shared, trending and ranked, it's hard to compete with those who are. Social Dashboard solves this problem with a unique approach that's more effective, takes less time and is 100% FREE!.

Social Media Dashboard Better than Hootsuite

Hootsuite is expensive but manages SMM pretty well. However, social media content created in Hootsuite only goes one-way.

Social Dashboard provides a two-way solution that's more comprehensive. We use backlinking and automatic metatags in our Soapbox Creator (see below) so all your content gets instant SEO.

We Make Money When You Do

Instead of charging you up front for SMM that may not be effective for you, we make money through sponsorships. Sponsors piggy-back on content you make trend. You can opt-out of sponsorships without a fee and maintain full functionality.

Our revenue sharing program works like YouTube except with Social Dashboard you set the cost and we are transparent about the percentage you make. We pay you 50% of page revenue.

Did you know when you post or share on Facebook you are generating money for them?

Shouldn't you get paid for your content?

Stand on YourSoapbox

A "Soapbox" is an elevated platform allowing you to be seen and heard by a wider audience. Social Dashboard's Soapbox is super easy to use yet very powerful. Try it now ...

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